Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crazy Season

Hello, everyone. This was one crazy holiday season for me.

Thanksgiving it starts. I have friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner. This year, it was only family, but that's a few of us.

I decided to craft to give as gifts for Christmas. Some relatives received jewelry. Co-workers received cookies and homemade soaps. I gave away tons of cookies...but, then again, I made tons of cookies.

I've finished the chain maille necklace and bracelet that was commissioned. I will post that photo soon. I haven't been working on too many items. I made a pretty pair of earrings to match some clothes I have. I wanted something new. I have so many favorites that I wear all the time. I needed a change. I'll have my next jewlery sale sometime in March. I have an overstock of some items so I'm going to bundle and sell to move the stock.

I've pulled up the last of my winter crop of radishes tonight. The size of them was really small, except for one. It was huge! But now it's the time to get ready for the spring crop.

I have to go now. We're having a small crisis right now.

Take care. I'll post photos soon!