Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Pics

Hello, everyone. I've finally taken a few pictures of items I've made for this coming showing.
The blue one I call 'Peaceful Prayers'. It is Angelite, pearl and moonstone with a silverplated prayer locket. The picture doesn't do it justice. The moonstone really has depth in light.
The red one I call 'Victorian Girl'. To me, the style looks Victorian. It is irridescent red seed beads, moonstone and pewter spacers.
The green one, I have a name for it, but it is a type of chewing gum. I don't know if I could type that into the post. It is irridescent pearl seed beads and I don't remember what the green stone is. I got it at a bead show in May 2008.
Take care. Have a great beading day!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Shiny Stuff

Well, I've been getting ready for another showing on November 8th. I am quite excited about it, as I am with all of my showings. To me, it seems like a lottery drawing. You never know who's going to buy what, if anything. I like the feedback I get of my work. I usually get a few custom orders from each showing, which is quite a compliment.

I have some marketing ideas I try, which actually gets a lot of looks and quite a few sales. I have a 2-tiered cookie tray which I use to set packs of earrings on. The top level is $3 earrings. The bottom level is $5 earrings. I use up all of my bits and pieces to make these. It helps empty out my compartments so I can buy new stuff. Woo hoo!!

This showing, I am asking people to bring a friend for a $5 discount on a $25 purchase. This will be given to the invitee and the friend. Hopefully, this will bring in more people to visit. It will also help someone who may feel awkward and who doesn't know anyone at the showing. Sometimes people ask me at the show if they could have brought a friend. Of course they could have! They should have! Bring the kids, too! I LOVE entertaining and having company. I guess making jewelry is a good thing for me to get into because I could have company and entertain at the same time!

Another thing I do is have an Open-House type of format. Most jewelry shows I have gone to try to pitch the company. Since I am the company, I don't have a pitch. I don't like having to be somewhere for a formal presentation. I like to get there and relax and take my time. Drop in! Sit a while! Browse a while! Talk a lot! Enjoy!

At the November 8th showing, I will also create interest for Christmas purchases. I have a few items which can be personalized and will have to be made-to-order. I'll set up a display so the items can be seen and touched. At least, this will put these items in the minds of the attendees. Perhaps they'll make an order later?! I'll see how this turns out. Wish me luck!

I need to get creative with setting up the tables. I need to figure out how to display all of the items to their best advantage. If I come up with something unique, I'll pass it on in a later post. I ALWAYS take pics after I set up my tables.

As for the New Shiny Stuff I received the other day, I've finally sorted and priced-out the items. It had taken about 1-1/2 hours to do so. I can hardly wait to use the new stuff for my showing! I also managed to get some paperwork done so I'll be up-to-date on just about everything I need to be updated on.

I haven't had time for taking individual pics of my jewelry to post. Sorry about that. I'll get to it soon.

Take care. Happy beading!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Stuff!

Yesterday I got a box of new stuff in the mail. I've been waiting for this for a few days. I'm glad to say, that my supplier is very good at getting things out in a very quick manner. I absolutely LOVE them (the supplier)! Anyhow, its shiny stuff and packaging. I don't have a pic yet, that should come later today or tomorrow. I ordered white boxes for general packing, gold and silver boxes and brocade pouches for the holidays, and black boxes for my 'signature' collection that I'll be showing in December...I ordered lots of pewter beads and jump rings in mixed bags...Loads of glass pearls and druks in assorted colors...some beads, headpins, etc. Now I'll have to find a place for them. Gee!

I mentioned my 'signature' collection. These are the very shiny, well-embellished and very unique pieces that I've been getting compliments on when I wear my samples to work. This includes wirework, chain maille and general beading but with my special twists to them. As soon as I get some of these pics taken, I'll post them, as well.

November 1st and 2nd is the day for the semi-annual bead show and sale in a nearby town. I planned to have an in-home viewing on the 1st so it looks like the 2nd is when I'll get to go drool over the new stuff. I still haven't used all of the beads from the last show I went to in May. But don't tell my hubby!

I played with wireworking last night. I have some really great failures to speak of. I go to the hardware store and get small spools of copper for practicing. It's not tarnish-proof, but at least I'll get to see what it looks like after it's tarnished and cleaned. I have a bunch of stuff on the corner of my work table that I look at. Some of the stuff is really cool and an inspiration to keep going. The rest is YUK! And it's the reason I keep going.

Stop back another time to see if I got the pics downloaded.
Take care and happy beading today and every day.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Pics of My Jewelry

Hello, all. I am going to try to add a few pictures of some of my favorite jewelry items. A lot of experimentation has gone into trying to take these pictures. Full indoor light and with flash, indirect outdoor light, filtered outdoor light. The filtered outdoor light seems to work the best. My setup is so high-tech it's embarrassing! I set up near the North-facing door. I put a clear plastic container on an end table near the door. It is about a 1-1/2 foot by 2 foot box. I put a background in it and put the jewelry on the background. I only have about an hour a day to do this, if I want to take pictures. This seems to have worked best. I'll try to include a picture of each way so you can see the difference. The top left is one glass beads wrapped in copper and set up in the filter box with indirect outdoor light. The top right one is of imitation hematite on a table with indirect light and a flash. This didn't turn out too bad, but it's a bit dark. The last one is of Czech crystals. The flash actually worked on this indoor photo on a display table. It's not as clear as I'd like, but it's not too bad. I need a lot of work and a lot of pointers on this. Any suggestions are helpful. What do you think about some of my early work? Take care, all.

First Day of Posting

Hello, everyone! Thank you for stopping by. Jewelry making has become one of my most favorite hobbies within the past year. I have become so addicted to the process that my husband thinks I am a bit crazy. Luckily, he lets me pursue my passions, so I can't complain.

Let me tell you how I got started into this hobby...
I am sick and tired of going to the store to look for complementary costume jewelry for my outfits. Needless to say, I don't buy much because it is so expensive. A lot of it is ugly. (my opinion only! LOL) I decided to buy some beads and stuff at the local discount store to make what I wanted. So I got online and looked to see what I needed and how to make what I wanted. OK. Got info, went shopping, spent a couple of bucks (including a cheap set of pliers), went home, made a bracelet and earrings. I wore it to work and a co-worker really surprised me by asking where I got it. So I told her I made it. (Shocked look on her face!) She asked if I could make the exact same thing for a present for a family member. (Shocked look on my face!) I said 'Sure'. She said 'Go for it.' And, that was that. I never thought it would turn into an addiction, but it did. Like any other female, I like shiny things and shopping. This satisfies both of those requirements and it makes me very happy. It also makes me happy to make jewelry and give it as presents for someone who has been nice to me. Not to mention, it's a great marketing tool.

I am still at the hobby level because I don't have much time to market my jewelry. I hope to, someday, make this hobby into an income-generating tool. Although, it will mostly be so I can buy more shiny beads and stuff, but the other motive is to help my husband retire when he wants to. (in a couple of years) He has no idea that this is my motive, but I want him to take it easy because he works so hard. Yeah, I'm quite a bit younger than him and I have a lot of working days ahead of me. However, it would make him very happy if he can enjoy a retirement in good health and he could putz around the house and yard on his own timeclock. It would make me happy to see him happy.

So, if you would, please leave a comment on the pictures I post. It will help me to expand my repertoire of jewelry making skills. Thank you for stopping by. Best wishes to all of you.