Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Cold Outside!

I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a really nice day! We had relatives over to our house. We ate too much and have lots of leftover turkey. I'm sure you can relate to that! We also fired up the Wii and had a bunch of laughs watching everyone play it. I really enjoy hosting the annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Even though we live in a temperate area called 'The Low Country' of South Carolina, we are getting some cold weather. It is frosty out in the morning and chilly throughout the day. I can't complain because there's no snow to tackle. That's one reason we moved from Pittsburgh, PA to SC. It is really nice here.

Over our long Thanksgiving holiday, I've been trying out new stuff. Sorry. Not jewelry. I made my first batch of soap EVER! I love cooking and it is as technical as that but a bit more dangerous. I have a really nice bar of soap curing in my laundry room. The batch made 2-1/2 pounds. I was able to try it out because of the process I used to make it. It still needs to rest a while in order to dry to a harder bar.

Yesterday, I had another jewelry commission requested. I LOVE commissions! Especially when I get to see how people respond to the finished product. This is a copy of the chain maille bracelet below. However it will be a bracelet and necklace. This is a really nice chunk of chain and it really gets noticed. I hope the recipient enjoys it. I will try to remember to take pictures and post it. It should be a day or two by the time I finish. I only have a couple of hours a night to work on it by the time I get home from work. I finished about 8 inches of chain last night. I may be able to finish the necklace tonight. I still need the measurements from the recipient so I know what length she wants.'s time for me to get ready for work. Take care and, for those of you who do it, happy mailleing.

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