Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Day

Hello everyone! I was really really lazy today. I didn't do much except go outside twice to feed the chickens (Yes. I really have some.) and collect the eggs. I did manage to take a few pics of my practice pieces as I mentioned in my last post. Don't laugh! They're not too bad. This one is a picture of a pendant I did after seeing something similar. Sorry. I don't remember where I saw it, but it was on a search I did for 'artisan jewelry'. It was easy and fun.

Here is my first attempt at the Tree of Life pattern. I made it of copper wire and labradorite chips. The labradorite is so shiny and pretty. This turned out so much better than the crystals. I also made earrings to match. This is one of my favorite pieces. I wear it to work and it draws attention and comments from co-workers.

This one is of a Tree of Life pattern I found on This was my second attempt at it. I wanted to try with the 4mm round crystals. The crystals are too uniform and don't fill out the tree as much as I would have liked. I also used thinner wire than I normally would, just because I had it to practice with.

Ah! My first attempt at organic wire wrapping. This is very large and really noticeable. I pulled out some amazonite and dumortierite to play with. I was told that the copper swirl covered too much of the focal stone. Hmmm. I like it. It's mine. I love blue! OOPS! I had my clock and stone box in the picture.

This is my second attempt at organic style wire wrapping. This one I wore to work. I had to make the chain to go with it. I received a few comments and this helps me to keep going. I have used this style to make cell phone charms as gifts. They were in copper. So, they should tarnish well and the stones should stand out.

This is definitely one of my favorites. I love playing with chain maille. This pattern is from the site They have some really detailed instructions for creating their designs. If you like chain maille, then you'll be a fanatic after you visit this site. This pattern is called 'Scherzo'. I love it! It makes a really beautiful chain, as you see. This is silverplate jumprings...about 100-110 of them. I wore this to work and a co-worker bought it right off of my wrist. I couldn't believe it! She's done it a couple of times since. I just received a new shipment of rings so I can make one for myself or try something new.

I'm going to call it a day, for now. I've done so much of nothing which makes me more tired than if I worked in the yard all day. Take care. Thanks for stopping by. The best of everything to all of you! -- Michelle

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